Thursday, 15 April 2010

The perfect spring colour!


So I've been looking for the perfect spring/summer colours for nails, and this is what i've come up with. Now i like my luxury cosmetics, but i have realised that when in a quest for the perfect spring colours, high st brands are often very surprising and tend to 'trump' high end buys as illustrated perfectly below!

BTW These are the roses i have on my living room table, aren't the colours just to die for? I thought they were very appropriate hues for this post.

Today i'm wearing OPI's Lucky lucky lavender. Isn't it the most gorgeous colour- very in keeping with the whole pastels trend going on now- and one of my spring summer favourites?

Colours I think are great for spring/summer are 'My four musketeers'- okay well five if i include my OPI Lucky lucky lavender:
From left to right:
-RIMMEL- 60 seconds in 420 Sunrise (an apricot and cream colour- goes very well in two coats)
-NO.17- Lasting fix in Pink grapefruit ( this has to be the nail colour i get the MOST compliments on when i'm wearing it- sorry i didn't swatch it for you, but this colour is seriously amazing. The bottle doesn't do it any favours in the picture, but it could almost be the PERFECT pink. Now i know i haven't been long at this blogging thing, but, i have to say my quest in searching for the perfect pink has been pretty extensive, and this near as dammit comes the closest to my perfect pink!)
-NAILS INC-249- Okay, so some may say this is a pretty boring contender, but for a lovely pinky natural look this is hard to beat.
-INGLOT-40?- I have to apologise as the stamp has rubbed off, but this has to be the most fabulous shade of coral i've seen for a while. Stunning on tanned toes!

*Nail polish tip: I'm sure many of you seasoned pros already know this but Keep your nail varnish in the fridge, they last longer and the consistency stays true.

I'll do a blog on my collection of evening nail colours soon.

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  1. Welcome to the blog world, you have lovely roses in your home, pretty nail varnish too, I rarely weat it though as I wear very bright colours and they end up clashing alot. Thanks for stopping by my blog and glad you liked the handbag post.

    All things nice...