Thursday, 15 April 2010

The perfect spring colour!


So I've been looking for the perfect spring/summer colours for nails, and this is what i've come up with. Now i like my luxury cosmetics, but i have realised that when in a quest for the perfect spring colours, high st brands are often very surprising and tend to 'trump' high end buys as illustrated perfectly below!

BTW These are the roses i have on my living room table, aren't the colours just to die for? I thought they were very appropriate hues for this post.

Today i'm wearing OPI's Lucky lucky lavender. Isn't it the most gorgeous colour- very in keeping with the whole pastels trend going on now- and one of my spring summer favourites?

Colours I think are great for spring/summer are 'My four musketeers'- okay well five if i include my OPI Lucky lucky lavender:
From left to right:
-RIMMEL- 60 seconds in 420 Sunrise (an apricot and cream colour- goes very well in two coats)
-NO.17- Lasting fix in Pink grapefruit ( this has to be the nail colour i get the MOST compliments on when i'm wearing it- sorry i didn't swatch it for you, but this colour is seriously amazing. The bottle doesn't do it any favours in the picture, but it could almost be the PERFECT pink. Now i know i haven't been long at this blogging thing, but, i have to say my quest in searching for the perfect pink has been pretty extensive, and this near as dammit comes the closest to my perfect pink!)
-NAILS INC-249- Okay, so some may say this is a pretty boring contender, but for a lovely pinky natural look this is hard to beat.
-INGLOT-40?- I have to apologise as the stamp has rubbed off, but this has to be the most fabulous shade of coral i've seen for a while. Stunning on tanned toes!

*Nail polish tip: I'm sure many of you seasoned pros already know this but Keep your nail varnish in the fridge, they last longer and the consistency stays true.

I'll do a blog on my collection of evening nail colours soon.

Thanks for reading

What's in my make-up bag- (the bare essentials)?

So I said i'd do a post about what i carry around in my make-up bag. Just to specify, this is my collection of essentials which i carry around in my handbag everyday. I actually feel quite proud of myself that this has been condensed down into what i consider to be the absolute bare necessities. I partly did this because i found that i was carrying around loads of things that were a) unused on a daily basis and b) really heavy!
So here we go- now i've only just done this so time will only tell as to whether this will be too minimal!-NARS Portofino cream blusher ( this is a gorgeous colour which suits most people- it really is my favourite, and you can use it on cheeks, eyes and lips)
-NARS Custard/Ginger concealer (two colours can be blended together to create your exact skintone and it covers a multitude of sins!)
-NARS Funny face ( see blow up picture- a truly amazing colour which i use to take me from day to evening.)
-LAURA MERCIER Baby lips Sheer (For all you girls out there who love the nude/natural look for daywear, this is a truly fantastic colour and product. It's not only really moisturising on the lips, but the colour is very natural- as if you've just bitten your lips- funny description i know, but hopefully you'll know what i mean!)
-INGLOT Black liquid eyeliner. (Perfect for putting in your make up bag, not what I use every day, but perfect for touchups)
-CHANNEL Chance Eau Tendre (a sample of their new summer fragrance- light, fresh and perfect for summer- I have the Eau Fraiche full size at home, and this is a little bit more floral.
-PAUL AND JOE Alice in Wonderland compact blotting papers and lip treatment (see photo below, I mean how gorgeous, who could resist this. Not only does it come in a fabulous tin, but the lip treatment in NUDE is just gorgeous, and the compact with blotting papers is very handy. It totally prettifies your make-up kit!)
BY TERRY Baume de rose (It has to be the best lip treatment product of all time. I'm sure you've read the reviews, and YES it does live up to the hype. It's a wonderfully rich, milky, unsticky lip treatment that can be used under or on top of lipstick to create a gorgeous unsticky gloss, or you can wear it on its own for a lovely light pink frosted look- see pictures below)

I'll do a blog of what's actually in my make up bag soon, although it may take forever as I seem to have amassed a lot of products!

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!

My lovely bag- what's in my handbag?

Hi everyone,

I thought since this is my first blog i would introduce myself and follow a tag that has been done recently on YouTube called "What's in my purse/Handbag" as it's often quite a good introduction to what a person is like. So I hope you enjoy this

First of all this is my lovely new Mint Velvet large grey tote with leather bows on the side. It's made of the softest buttery leather and has a large central silver zip down the middle. I bought it from House of Fraser and I love it!!!!

So onto what's in my bag:

-My Juicy Couture wallet
-Michael Kors Sunglasses
-Make up bag with a selection of NARS products
-Moleskin diary
-Bobbi Brown powder compact
-Baume de rose By Terry
-Paul and Joe Alice in Wonderland blotting paper
-StriVectin-HC (handcream)
-Avene antirougeurs creme riche (Rich moisturising cream)
-Keys, pen etc....

I will do a more detailed blog on what's ion my make-up bag and a look at the enchanting Paul and Joe Alice in Wonderland tin in my next post! Thanks for reading x